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WEBINAR: Business Affairs from an Accountancy Perspective with Treasure Tower Property Consultants - 27th April

Modus Accountants is the next panelist on the Treasure Tower Webinar Series on 27th April. We will be sharing details our vast experience in property investment and providing important information and insights for business owners and landlords.

If you do own a UK business of any trade you want to hear this!

About Treasure Tower Webinar Series:

Treasure Tower is committed in keeping the communication across all our clients and inform them not about the headlines, but about the ways in which we get through particularly during these moments.

This is Rico Pieroni, of Treasure Tower Property Consultancy and I would like to announce that throughout 2020 I will be hosting a series of regular webinars.

I’ll be inviting various guest speakers, sharing their local expertise and views of things. These will include where possible, Letting Agents, Surveyors and the like. With every circumstance -regardless how long it lasts- there is always a way forward, and more than ever it’s important to tap into the expertise of people on the ground which particularly in these current times I feel it will be of great benefit to my clients and customers.

Please do email your questions to in advance to rico@treasuretower.co.uk. The more preparation the better.

Thank you and I look forward to speaking with you all.

Stay say, keep positive.

Rico Pieroni
Treasure Tower Limited Director.