Modus Accountants 90 Day Business Planning Session 2

On Friday 17th June 2022, Modus Accountants ran our first 90 Day business planning session at Frilford Heath Golf Club in Abingdon, Oxfordshire.

With all spaces for the session reserved, it was great to fill the meeting space and have so many business owners comfortably sharing thoughts, ideas, and their experience on running their business.

90 Day Business Planning - Mark Spolander Presenting
Modus Accountants 90 Day Business Planning Session 2

This session was the first in a continuous series, designed to help business owners manage the constantly evolving challenge of running their business.

Over the course of four hours (we overran a bit from the original 2 hr plan) we were able to help attendees break down businesses into key areas, identifying their areas of strength, and areas in need of improvement.

Once the initial evaluation was complete, attendees were able to plan their next 90 days of business activity using our Modus Business Planning Canvas. In addition to this, advice and support was provided to help review their sales and marketing practices, and put in place structures to better understand and track key performance indicators.

Andrew Moon Marketing Manager - Modus Accountants 90 Day Business Planning
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Don’t worry if you missed out – There is more to come…

Because managing a business is a continuous process, this is just the start. In September we will be running another 90 Day Business Planning Session, to follow-up with everyone who attended, review their progress, and give more of our clients the opportunity to better understand their business.

These Sessions are completely free for clients of Modus Accountants. So, if you are a client of ours and would like to attend our next 90 Day Planning Session, at 9:30am on Friday 23rd September, please email our Marketing Manager, Andrew Moon at

IMPORTANT PLEASE NOTE – Due to our events space at Frilford Heath Golf Club spaces for these sessions are limited. If you would like to attend, we recommend that you request to attend sooner rather than later.

Bart and Cathy from Mystic Games at 90- Day Business Planning
Hanna Strainge - Strainge Investments - Modus Accountants 90 Day Business Planning
Marketing Shed Oxfordshire Witney - Jane Abbott at 90 Business Planning
Wolfpack International at Modus 90 Day Business Planning
Modus Accountants - Andrew Moon at 90 Day Business Planning
Sam Dallimore and Tom Herbert - 90 Day Business Planning - Modus