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Designed to help you achieve your individual business goals – Witney’s premier accountancy services & business support.

  • Dream of an accountant who understands your business and personal goals?
  • Desperate to take your business to the next level, but not clear on what to do next?
  • Are you looking for direction, but found your current advisors unable help?

At Modus Accountants in Witney, we firmly believe that traditional accountancy services do not do enough to support the modern business owner. As business owners ourselves we think that contacting you when a bill is due, or just to file your end of year accounts is very basic an unacceptable level of service. Simply, you deserve better.

Having been working with other business owners in Witney, and across Oxfordshire, since 2018, we provide complete business support and guidance. The means that, yes, we provide all your essential accountancy services (bookkeeping, tax returns, end of year accounts, payroll, etc…) but we also keep our communication channels open all year, taking time to analyse your data to identify opportunities to help drive your business forward.

Supporting local SME’s, Sole Traders & Start-ups

At Modus we specialise in supporting SMEs, Sole Traders, and Start-up business owners. It really doesn’t matter which industry you are in or where you are based, our team are on hand to support you. To give you an idea of the types of businesses we work with here are a small selection of local businesses we currently work with.

Digital Gearbox
White Label Consultancy - Bicester Kidlington Accountancy Client
Robur Properties
Henderson Electrical Logo - Modus Accountants Client
Print Ready
Jewel Windows
Luke Anderson
Red Cactus Events
You HR Consultancy

Day-to-day accountancy services for Witney business owners

Here is the selection of essential accountancy services we provide to keep your business accounts in order, and prevent any unexpected letters or fines.

Business bookkeeping
End of year accounts
Tax & VAT returns
Payroll services

Witney business owners – You should demand more!

As mentioned above, keeping your business compliant is a basic service, that any good accountant should be able to provide. We can so much do better than that, so at Modus we decided to raise the bar and provide you with a selection of extras to help support your business.

With all your essential accountancy services in hand safe hands, we are able to go the extra mile to analyse your financial data, identify threats and opportunities, and help you achieve and surpass your targets.

Business leadership
Team culture
Team motivation
Creative thinking
Business alignment
Marketing support
Business strategy
Growth planning

Witney Chartered Accountants – Oxfordshire

Submitting your taxes to HMRC correctly is of the upmost importance to any business owners. You want to make sure that you pay the right amount and don’t end up having to resubmit or pay any unwanted fees or fines.

At Modus Accountants our in-house team of Chartered Accountants use their many years of experience in effective tax planning, to ensure you remain compliant and your money is saved wherever possible.