Luke Anderson Hairdressing

As Luke Anderson Hairdressing gears up to reopen in a couple of weeks, we took the opportunity arranged a socially distant video recording to see how Luke has been doing.

After a challenging twelve months, we asked him to share with you how Modus are supporting his business, and shed a little light on how we have helped him through the pandemic.

Describe your business and the services you offer

Based in Witney, my business is hairdressing, offering clients the very best service in hairdressing, colouring and haircuts.

How did you hear about Modus and what services were you looking for?

I first found out about Modus through a fried of mine, she is one of the employees there, and highly recommended them as a company to work with. I was initially looking for payroll services to help me through the tricky times of paying my staff.

What has Modus helped you with most?

Modus has helped me the most over the last twelve months I would say, it’s been a very difficult time for any business during this corona virus pandemic that we are living through. Most of us had never heard the word furlough before this pandemic, but their expertise in this area were second to none. They really helped me in getting all my staff onto the furlough programme and protecting my business.

What has been you experience of working with Modus and have they met your expectations?

Working with Modus has definitely met my expectations, there a great company to phone up, they are always at the end of the phone you can call and ask for any advice or any help and there is always someone there to give you that advice.

What would you say to other entrepreneurs looking for an accountant?

If you are thinking about join Modus I would definitely give them a call. Their expertise is second to none, and they really did help guide me through the tricky part of accountancy when setting up my business.

Find out more

Luke and his team will soon be reopening their doors in April. Find out more about Luke Anderson Hairdressing and book appointments at You can also see how the salon is being spruced up, and some great haircuts by the team on their Facebook page.