Cotswold Physio Rooms

Last week we nipped over to see David Cootes founder Cotswold Physio Rooms, and one of Modus Accountants favourite clients (having sorted out multiple bad backs from the team).

Having been able to partially stay open through the pandemic, due to medical services grounds, and having joined Modus last year, we wanted hear how David has found and benefited from Modus Accountants support to date.

Describe your business and the services you offer

Cotswold Physio Rooms provides a wide range of physiotherapy solutions for existing injuries and injury prevention.

How did you hear about Modus and what services were you looking for?

Based on the floor below the Modus Witney office, originally I got in touch with Modus for accountancy and business development services. But recently I have also had support on Facebook advertising from Andy their Marketing Manager.

What has been you experience of working with Modus and have they met your expectations?

The experience working with Modus Accountants so far has been very positive. They really listen to your business and look at options that you can look at for longer term planning.

What has Modus helped you with most?

Probably figuring out how to compartmentalise my business so I can look at options…to move things forward. (The Business) has been all over the place and I need things to be more succinct so I can move things forward appropriately.

What would you say to other thinking of joining Modus?

I think anyone thinking of joining Modus, they’ve got to look at what their aims are. I think for accountancy and business development it’s important that you have teams that will work with you, and share the same sort of goals. Which (with Modus Accountants is to) try to bring more success into your business.