Modus Business Spotlight – You HR Consultancy (Recording 23rd September2020)

Date: 23rd September / Time: 12:00pm

Welcome to the very first recording of The Modus Business Spotlight a series focusing on taking the plunge into business. Each month we interview a new business we have been working with and ask them about their experience of starting a business.

During each session we will ask our guests about:

  • Why they wanted to start a business
  • Their biggest challenge and how they got past it
  • What they would want to know before they started
  • What the future holds for them
  • The most important piece of advice would you give to a start-up business

This month we chat to Oxfordshire’s leading HR consultancy services provider, You HR Consultancy. Based in Wallingford You HR offers a refreshingly vibrant selection of Human Resources and Organisational Development services to SME’s, Public Sector and Not for Profit organisations.

Their dedicated team ensure HR responsibilities in any organisation are managed efficiently helping business leaders to develop, grow and perform at their best on all things people related. With their strapline of “it’s all about the people”, they are your HR specialists that seamlessly deal with all people matters, including the difficult aspects of employment, empowering leadership and growth at every opportunity.

At the end of the session there will be an opportunity to ask questions to both You HR and Modus.

About You HR Consultancy

You HR Consultancy provides expert Human Resources advice to Small Businesses, Public Sector and Not for Profit organisations across 4
service areas:

  • Transactional HR
  • People & Organisational Development
  • Organisational Change
  • Workplace Wellbeing

We have 10+ years’ experience in managing highly complex employment issues, business change, and wellbeing, ensuring business owners / managers maintain control of their plans to manage their people situations.

Find out more at