White Label

Case study

White Label Business Consulting and Managed Services is an Oxford based company, which focuses on primarily helping small start-up companies, or relatively small established companies, grow their business. Whether that be taking away, the stress of day-to-day life, or looking at strategies to add different products and move into new areas.

On a visit to our offices in Frilford, late last year, White Label founder Thomas Herbert took the time to answer a few quick questions about his journey with Modus. Thankfully he had lots of nice things to say.

When did you start your journey with Modus?

I started my journey with Modus just over a year ago, and so far I’ve been super happy with everything they’ve done for myself and for my company. I’m actually involved in a number of companies that work with Modus and they have been great with all of them.

What attracted you to Modus Accountants?

I personally like to think I have a relatively good knowledge of financial processes. However, coming here, they’ve taught me things that are on the wider scope. So rather than just looking at the figures and the day-to-day. They are helping me strategically grow by looking at things that we can do better and how to better my offering to the customer, rather than just make my life easier.

What were some of the challenges your business was facing before joining Modus Accountants and how have the Modus team helped?

My company is new and we are where we are. We’ve started up. We’re still growing. One thing, obviously, that everyone’s experienced challenges with off the back of 2020 and early 2021, is the pandemic. And some of the changes and challenges financially faced within because of this is that cash flow hasn’t been easily available. Modus have helped us by looking at ways that we can again diversify what we do. Look at where money is. Where we’re spending. The savings that we can make. And then looking at our whole portfolio. What’s really been helpful with everything that they’ve done is they’re willing to understand my businesses and personal challenges.

Rather than just looking at it in black and white. They’ve been super open, super welcoming to the business. Which is great. They have more than enough time, in-fact they couldn’t have any more time for me and my business and helped understand where I was falling short and then even offered help with that.

I mean, they don’t just offer the standard bookkeeping services. They also happily sat down with me and said – Alright, where are you looking to go in the next year? Two years? Three years? You’re looking at an office space – what can you afford? How does that work? And that’s why their personalised approach is why, for me, I couldn’t recommend them anymore.

How does Modus compare to other accountancy services you have used?

I’ve used a range of different accountants and different options before. I’ve not had a bad experience, luckily enough. But I think like I previously stated, the differentiator here is the level of experience, the width of experience as well. They have such a wide range of services that they offer and the open arms to come in, meet the team and become a part of the team (on a sort of dotted line matrix perspective).

They will help you help you on your journey and be super engaged throughout that. Which for me, rather than just getting an email at the end of the month saying – alright can you send us this, or at the end of the quarter – we need this, or we need to keep figures for payroll, whatever. It’s a constant engagement, constantly coming to me with ideas, which is great.

What else has Modus Accountants supported you with?

It’s not just the financial side of things, as you guys now offer a marketing suite as well. Which I have personally just been helped out with.

I like to do everything myself and think that I’m good at it. Then after a few weeks ago, passing over one of the things I thought was already great and then getting it back from you guys, I was actually blown away by how professional it looked and how well worded it was. It was something that I would imagine that I would see one of the big FTSE 100 companies producing, which is amazing.

I mean, to add that on to what you’ve already got – the relationship with you guys, the understanding of my business, the branding, the themes, my customer base, what I’m looking for, etc…. So the fact that now you’ve widened your range of services to be able to offer marketing alongside the financials, I think is awesome.

What has been your biggest achievement since joining Modus Accountants?

I mean, the biggest achievement, since joining Modus is a transition from having a full-time job and working on White Label on the side as a hopeful one day pipe dream. To building a little bit of revenue here in there, but just really being a “love to have opportunity”. To taking it from that to now this is my is my life, this is my business. I’ve got office space. I’ve got employees.

The way that I look at this and the guys here isn’t so much as my accountants, but as my business partners. From a financial perspective, there’s no question that too small, there’s no question too big, and they just help educate me. And if it wasn’t for them, I probably wouldn’t be in the position I am now. So I’m super thankful.

Would you recommend Modus Accountants to other business owners?

Yes, I would definitely recommend them, and I have already recommended them. I’m at the level of comfort. Where I trust them so much, I proactively offer to all my clients you guys as a referral. So, straight away, ask them – Who are you using for your accounting? Who are you using for your financial services? If you want, I will touch bases because these are the guys I’ve got full faith in.