Printpool Oxford - Modus Accountants Client

From his office in Headington, Oxford, Printpool founder Gerard Shields took the time to answer some quick questions about how he has found working with Modus this past year.

Having discovered Modus in an unconventional fashion, Mark and the Modus team have loved working with him and hope to be able to continue to support him moving forward.

In your own words what does your business do and where are you based?

Printpool produces 3D printed parts and prototypes for businesses who design physical products. We do a lot of work with product designers, engineers and various high tech companies surrounding Oxford. We’re based right in the centre of town, next to the castle, but can deliver parts anywhere in the UK next-day if needed.

How long have you been working with Modus and what do we support you with?

We’ve been working with Modus since the start of 2021, when we won the Modus Ignite competition. Modus handles all of our accountancy needs, but we do bookkeeping in-house.

What was it about Modus that appealed to you against other Accountancy Firms?

Modus had a big enough team to ensure that we could get quick answers to any urgent questions, but not so big that the service felt impersonal.

When you joined Modus what were the biggest challenges facing your business?

Like many new businesses, the biggest challenge we faced to start with was getting our name out there, and building a list of clients who use our services regularly.

What has been your biggest achievement since joining Modus?

Being included in The Manufacturer Top 100, as an exemplar alongside some real high-fliers in the field, has been a great highlight!

How does Modus compare to other accountancy services you have used?

The biggest difference has been how quickly and efficiently questions and enquiries have been dealt with. Previous services that I’ve used have been very quick to respond regarding their fees, but very slow on everything else. Modus isn’t like that at all, and are only ever a quick call or email away.

Outside of Accountancy Support has Modus helped you in any other areas of your business?

Andrew has been a huge help, running some brilliant sessions to formalise a great marketing strategy and put it into place.

Would you recommend Modus Accountants to other business owners?

I would, and regularly do, recommend Modus to any business who wants to worry less about accounts. Modus will do as much as little as you need them to, but always give you peace of mind that everything is sorted.

Where can I find out more about Printpool?

You can out more about Gerard and all of the services at Printpool by visiting or you can follow them on LinkedIn or Facebook.