O & O Electrical

Steve O’Hara is Managing Director and Co-Founder of O & O Electrical – an Electrical Contractors based in Kidlington, Oxfordshire.

Having switched accountants to Modus Accountants almost a year ago, Steve kindly took the time to answer some questions about his recent experience working with Mark, Sam, and the team, here at Modus Accountants.

How long have you been working with Modus and what do we support you with?

We’ve been working with Modus for approximately 12 months. You’ve been supporting us with the financial aspects and the development of the business.

Why did you choose to work with Modus Accountants apposed to another accountancy firm?

We initially liked the fact that business and financial planning can be rolled into one. We needed to change the business, and we wanted someone to help us with the business growth, as well as the financial support aspect. So Modus did enlighten us to go that way, because of those support aspects that they have.

The concept was there, and we just bought into it, then once introduced to the whole team, we were sold and that’s exactly when we appointed Modus.

When you joined Modus what were the biggest challenges facing your business?

Change. Change is always going to be difficult for our company. We’ve been established for 17 years and we’ve been doing it our way. Our way is the only way that we know. So, introducing somebody else to create that change has had its ups and downs. But, (with Modus Accountants) we’re starting to make things a little bit easier.

What has surprised you most about working with Modus Accountants?

I guess their relaxed attitude in how you can just pick up the phone, get a question answered, get the right answer, and not be too nervous about asking accountancy questions. You know, sometimes they crop up. Should I be saying that? Should I not? Very relaxed. Very easy. Straight to the point.

O & O Electrical Team in Kidlington Oxfordshire
Outside of Accountancy Support has Modus helped you in any other areas of your business?

Not quite yet. We have however spoken regarding property development and financial planning for the future, etc…etc… Those are the things… that I mean, we’re 12 months in, we’re starting to change the business, but certainly something that we’ll be talking to Modus about in the future.

What has been your experience working with Modus Accountants so far and would you recommend us to other business owners?

So far so good. I haven’t got any complaints. Again, like we previously said, everything has been going down the right avenues. So yeah, of course, if someone asked for any advisement on accountancy, I’d definitely put Modus forward.

What are you looking forward to at O & O Electrical in 2022?

I guess, implementing what we’re trying to do with the structure of our business. So, I guess we’re looking forward most to the future of O & O Electrical.

What to find out more about O & O Electrical? Find out more about Steve and O & O Electrical at oandoelectrical.co.uk, or you can follow them on Instagram here.

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