Supporting people from overseas with their UK companies and investment portfolios is our bread and butter.

To give you another taste of the support we provide, we sat down on Zoom call with William Sundberg, the founder of Lillyslen, a UK property investment company, which he manages from his home Sweden.

Despite customer testimonials not being customary, or part of business in Sweden, William kindly gave up his time to answer a few quick questions and share his experience of working with us here at Modus.

What services does your business offer?

Lillysen is a small UK property investment company where we buy houses and rent them out.

How has the pandemic affected your business and what are you looking forward to doing when the pandemic is over?

Before the pandemic we were looking to buy another investment property in Huddersfield. However, with the pandemic we simply couldn’t move forward. There was also a problem with letting one of our small HMOs as it was hard to find people that wanted to live together. Therefore, we made a decision and it’s been converted to a buy to let for now.

We’re looking forward to getting people back in the property and investing again soon.

When you first started working with modus what services were you looking for?

When we first joined Modus the first service we used Modus for was help with letting our properties and managing our accounts.

How did you find out about Modus?

I found out about Modus when I met Mark at a property training course we attended in England.

What has modus helped you with the most?

Modus helps us with everything really. I can’t do much from Sweden, so they help me connect to the right people or help me directly with the task itself.

What’s your experience working with Modus, have they met your expectations

My experience with Modus has been very good, they have helped me with accountancy and lettings as well as solving any problems with the business that we’ve had.

Have you worked with any other accountants and if so how does modus compare?

When we started out investing in England, we had an accountant who did not help very much with the company. We then changed to a different agency and then we had further complications with them. They both didn’t answer our questions or provide us with the information that we needed.

After meeting Mark, he helped us out and put me in contact with Samantha, one of the Chartered Accountants at Modus. Since then we have never looked back and they have done everything accounting wise since then.

What would you say to anyone thinking of joining Modus?

Modus has helped us a lot, they are professional and easy to work with. Great accountants.