Henderson Electrical

Case study

In December 2021 we sat down with Bicester electrical specialist, and founder of Henderson Electrical, Lee Henderson, to talk about his business and how Modus has supported him.

When did you join Modus and what do they support you with?

Think it’s just over two years, and Mark provides me with business management, and obviously my accountancy.

I just kind of fell into you guys and then I think just you do things a bit differently. You actually care about you a bit more. As well as coming up with the numbers, you want me to grow the business and make it work.

When you started at Modus what support were you looking for?

I was in a bit of a rut and didn’t know what the numbers were. Modus explained it all and dumbed it down a bit for me. This allowed me to make sense of what it all was, where I could go, and what I could do.

What has been your biggest achievement since joining Modus?

I think employing two staff. Originally it was just me, and now I’ve gone limited, and vat registered so definitely I’m on the up, and I think it’s thanks to Modus really.

What makes Modus different?

Modus actually care about your business doing well and want to save you money instead just giving you your end of year whatever or tax returns. They want you to do well and get your business further along.

How does Modus compare to other accountancy firms?

Well, I guess it’s only the second one I’ve used. Previously I used my mates, Mum, so it was all a bit – I’ll give it a 20 quid on the side – It was all a bit, not very proper. Obviously with Modus they do things properly and are easy to get on with and easy to contact as well. If you’ve got problem, just drop them an email or phone them. They will always pick up and answer your questions.

Outside of accountancy what other areas of your business have Modus supported you with?

As I said Marks’ my business manager, he’s made get out of my comfort zone and pushed me a little bit. I’m not very good at that. He’s just supported me massively to get where I am now, and hopefully I’ll get a bit further, and a bit bigger, and we’ll see what happens.

What’s Next for Henderson Electrical?

Just new business opportunities, hopefully I’ll get more staff and a new office. EV Chargers are big for us at the moment, so we’re pushing them out and getting more into to the smart home automated systems and CCTV and security alarms. So that’s hopefully what we’ll be pushing it out in 2022.

Would you recommend Modus Accountants to other business owners?

Yeah, 100%. They’re not just like your normal accountancy firm. They go that extra bit more and go above and beyond to support you. They can help you with your business as well as your books.

Where can I find out more about Henderson Electrical?

You can find out more about Henderson Electrical and their services at henderson-electrical.co.uk, or you can follow them on Facebook or Instagram.