Green Axis

After working with Green Axis for a little over a year, we were keen to get them over to film a video case study. Thankfully it didn’t take much persuading for Enabling Development Director, Craig Strachan, to come over to our offices in Frilford to talk about his experience.

Having just been granted approval for a new development of eight customisable, zero-carbon homes in Chipping Norton, Green Axis have continued to go from strength to strength. It’s an exiting time for the business, and we look forward to working with Craig and his business partner Stuart Edwards for many years to come.

Describe your business and the services you offer

Green Axis are a small development company, that specialises in customised zero-carbon homes. We are based in Chipping Norton, and we operate in Oxfordshire, and the surrounding counties.

When you joined Modus Accountants what was the biggest challenge facing your business?

I think using the finance to steer the business. We were given reports of bits and pieces, but actually understanding what they meant and what they were telling us were kind of left to our own devices. And so, trying to use historical financial information to make future decisions was a pretty big challenge.

How long have you been working with Modus? And what made you think we were the right fit for you and your business?

So we’ve been with Modus, I think about a year or so. Through a cycle. And we are supported on all fronts, so effectively the team here have become our de-facto financial director. And that’s across a full range of services from bookkeeping and accounting, and kind of turn-the-handle stuff. To tax advice and some future business planning.

The fact that some of the principles that Modus are in the property world. They are property developers themselves. There was a kind of common understanding with where we’ve been as a design and build company, and where we wanted to go as developers. It felt there was a real understanding of the steps and the challenges, but also the opportunities that were available to us.

What has surprised you most about working with Mark and the team at Modus Accountants?

Although we had closed our design and build company prior to joining Modus, actually Modus really helped us make the transition to being a developer and understanding the difference between them. To sit in client side, to understanding what our own personal objectives were, and how to incorporate those into the business.

And so we’re just finishing that journey now, and I think it feels like we are now property developers. It would have taken considerably longer to get there without some of the business support here.

How does Modus compare to other accountancy services you have used previously?

I think in terms of turn-the-handle bits and pieces, the producing of numbers, the filing reports, the sort of day-to-day running of accountancy stuff. Actually in fairness that’s much the same.

But the difference is that we are helped with things. It’s helped us steer the business, there’s an understanding, there’s an explanation. And it’s clear that although as business owners – the decisions sit with us about what we do in the business – there’s advice and guidance. Rather than just “here’s the numbers, what you want to do?” Which is perhaps what we’ve had in the past.

Outside of accountancy has Modus Accountants helped you in any other areas of your business?

Yeah absolutely. I think it feels like we’ve joined almost a business club. Sort of networking bits and pieces. So we’ve met other local people who, some of whom at least, share our views and our ambitions around zero-carbon and bits we want to do. And that’s a mixture of supply chain, and potentially even investors that come.

I think it’s been quite a holistic business service, rather than just accountancy service. And actually that’s where Modus just really differentiates itself.

What would you say to anyone thinking of joining Modus Accountants?

I suppose I wouldn’t be doing the video if I wasn’t here to recommend Modus. And although it’s been a relatively short time, for all the reasons said in the video. I think they bring a huge amount of value, over and above the average, standard, accountancy firm.

Over the next twelve months what are you most looking forward to at Green Axis?

We’ve got two big things to do over the next 12 months. So we have just signed the initial contracts on our next development site. Our first development site where we will be the developers, but we won’t be the builders, for eight zero-carbon homes.

All custom built in Chipping Norton, and which is going to be called Weaver’s Fold. And that is also providing the next step towards our digitised framework, to try and help others deliver custom-build and zero-carbon homes.

Want to find out more about Green Axis? Visit, or follow them on Facebook for new announcements and the latest on Weaver’s Fold.

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