Clearsight Energy

After attending a Modus Lunch (April 2022), we were able to persuade Clearsight Energy Co-founder Adam Kelly, to spare a few minutes to record a quick case study on his experience working with us.

Based in Bicester, Oxfordshire Clearsight Energy are dedicated to finding you competitive rates for your business energy. Using their trusted network of business energy suppliers, they run business energy comparisons to provide their clients with the best possible price for their gas, electricity and water.

How long have you been working with Modus Accountants and what do we support you with?

We’ve been working with Modus now for nearly two years. And you support us with all of our accounts, pension schemes, and any other business assistance.

When you Joined Modus What was the biggest challenge your business was facing?

When we joined Modus Covid, it had just hit, so we had a lot of challenges financially and in terms of getting customers on board. If we needed any support, they (Modus Accountants) were there to advise us.

Moving forward from the low points during Covid, we managed to grow and we have continued that rate since.

What has made Modus Accountants stand out against other accountancy services you have used?

Modus have been really clear and concise with the figures that they provide every month. They have an online portal which is easily accessible, and they’re always on the end of the phone if you need to give them a call.

What has surprised you most about your experience working with Modus Accountants so far?

What surprised me the most is that how easy it is to work with you guys, how responsive you are to any queries that we have, and how helpful you are. You know, any problems that we have, you’re always there to resolve them.

What has been Clearsight Energy’s biggest achievement since joining Modus Accountants?

Our biggest achievement as a company since joining Modus Accountants, is that we were awarded, this month, a nomination for Water Consultancy of the Year, in the Water Industry Awards 2022. We’re really proud of this, so hopefully this is a good sign of things to come.

Want to find out more about Clearsight Energy?

To find out more about Clearsight Energy services and the businesses they currently support, visit their website at and get in touch with their team.

If, like Adam and the team at Clearsight Energy, you are looking for a reliable, proactive accountancy service, we’re here to support you. Discover how we can support your business –  book your free one-to-one session by filling in our online form here or by calling us on 01993 225 030.