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Five positive business steps we have taken to keep Modus Group thriving through lockdown

Like many businesses in the UK Modus Group has had to adapt to the “new normal” and continually evaluate and rebuild services back to the levels before lockdown.

To give you an idea on what we have been up to, please see our top five steps below.

1. Evaluate Efficiency

The pandemic provided an opportunity to look at the business differently and really evaluate what is and is not needed. We have taken steps to limit overheads and expenditure, making sure that every pound of income is managed correctly, without compromising the quality of our service.

2. Reviewing The Value Proposition of Every Modus Business

Over the last few months we have also revised our value propositions to better suit the new normal. For example, our property investment company, Modus Property, has changed focus from HMOs to single lets. As lockdown is eased, we will continue to alter and adapt our support to the changing needs of our clients and investors.

3. Upgrade Technology

To ensure all our staff are able to work from home efficiently we have invested in technology to allow for more flexible working. Everything from IT equipment to phone answering services has been looked at to keep all our cogs turning.

4. Introduction of Client and Investors Support Webinars

Being unable to meet customers face-to-face has been a challenge for us. To help us deliver the support our property investors and business clients need, we have been running monthly customer webinars on topics that help them through this challenging period. This has been a valuable touch-point for our customers, allowing them to ask us any questions and alleviate any concerns.

Such has been the success we have encouraged our customers to do the same with their own customer network.

5. Investment in Marketing

Wanting to strike while there is a pent-up demand for our services, we have also invested in our marketing function, bringing in a full-time member of staff to increase our awareness and actively promote our services across the Modus Group.

Not only has this taken the marketing function off central staff, it has also allowed us to update collateral and raise standards of our materials.

By taking steps like this we have been able to continue to build our customer base with the right type of clients and investors. We hope that as lock-down eases, and customer confidence returns, the businesses we support, and the Modus Group, will continue to thrive.

Modus Group was setup to provide businesses and investors with an all-in-one solution that helps people get from where they are now, to where they want to be. Modus Group is a thriving partnership of companies helping to change the lives of hundreds of aspirational businesses and investors.

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