Robert Fannon is a personnel management consultant and property investor at Wolfpack International. Modus Accountants have been working with Robert and the team at Wolfpack for a number of years now, so they are well versed in the Modus way.

With lockdown restrictions (March 2021) still firmly in place we took the opportunity, to have a quick virtual chat with Robert about his experience working with Modus.

Describe your business and the services you offer

“At Wolfpack international we provide rental properties for young professionals. We also work with other investors; to offer some angel investment opportunities, for investors looking at the UK property market.”

When did you first start working with Modus? and what services were you looking for?

“I was introduced to Mark by Imran (Modus Accountants, Relationship Manager) as he knew I was just starting out in property investment in the UK.

At the time I didn’t quite have enough money to make my first investment, so I was looking more at what potential was out there and getting to know the UK market. When we first started working with Modus, they mainly offered property sourcing services and at the time that was what I was looking at.”

What has Modus helped you with the most?

“Modus has helped us out tremendously in all areas, but I would say one of the biggest things that has been most helpful is their accountancy services. We joined Modus Accountants at the end of 2017 and they’ve just helped us restructure how we look at things, and made sure all of our documents and financials were up to par. It’s been extremely helpful for us getting our books in line. Also, if we had questions when it came to investing in different properties, how to record the income, etc… they were able to provide that information as well.”

What has been your experience working with Modus Accountants and have we met your expectations?

“My experience working with Modus has been great. Everything I’ve done with them has been top notch. They’ve met all my expectations and in some cases have even exceeded what we we’re looking for.”

Have you worked with other accountants in the past and how does modus compare?

“Yes. The one I was using I could never get a hold of. When I did, I was talking to an assistant, not even the accountant. I was planning a trip to the UK and I wanted to take my wife, the owner the company, just to meet the accountant face to face. They said for a 30 minute meeting it would be £250.

I was introduced to Modus Accountants when I asked Mark for recommendations and he mentioned Modus. I talked to Samantha (Senior Accountant at Modus Accountants), and she answered all my questions. It was great. When we went to the UK in 2018 we met all of them, the entire accounting team, and they easily met our expectations.”

What would you say to anyone thinking of joining Modus?

“Someone recently asked me about my experience with Modus Accountants and I would say you simply can’t beat them. There are accountancy firms out there that are cheaper, but nine times out of ten you get what you pay for.

The big difference between Modus and other accountancy firms is that other firms don’t have much experience with property investors, especially overseas property investors. That’s one of the big benefits with Modus.

They were created by property investors for property investors. They have a large clientele of overseas investors. And they know exactly what services investors are looking for and need.”

What are your plans for 2021 and what are you looking forward to doing?

“We are looking forward to not having to worry about lockdowns, and we’re also hoping to travel this year. In terms of our property stuff, we’re in the middle of selling one property, re-mortgaging another property, and we’re looking at buying 3-4 more buy to lets. This year we really want to  create that firm foundation to continue growing.”

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Founded in 2016, Wolfpack International has worked hard to build a successful business.  From taking training courses, to establishing multiple successful meetup groups, to conducting continuing research on changes to local UK regulations, everything we have done is to ensure our tenants, partners and investors receive the best product available. Find out more at


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