We love working with property investors here at Modus Accountants. So much so that we have developed a specialist support function tailored to supporting investors. In addition to accountancy services, we have also helped with: Sourcing of properties, Set-up of businesses, Purchasing properties, and even Lettings.

Damon Wiseman is a UK property investor and founder of WiseAsh a new UK property sourcing company. After finding us on Facebook we have been working with Damon this past year and despite the pandemic causing a few problems, with Modus’s support it’s great to see him doing so well and looking forward to the rest of 2021.

Can you describe your business and the services you offer?

“As a property investor I go out out looking for properties that will return 20% or over. Currently i’ve got three HMOs and I rent those out to students. I’ve also set up another business, Wiseash, which is all about finding good property investments, and passing those on to busy professionals or people who don’t really know the UK property market.”

How has lockdown affected your business and what are you looking forward to doing after lockdown?

“Lockdown hasn’t positively affected my business, with HMOs there are people living together and the demand for houses and rooms to rent has dropped. I’m struggling to fill my rooms out and also a lot of my tenants are from overseas so there’s not a lot of people coming in and out of the UK right now so demand has dropped. When lockdown eases I’m simply looking forward to filling my rooms with ease again and seeing that demand grow.”

When did you first start working with Modus, what services were you looking for and how did you find out about us?

“I started working with Modus about a year ago as I was looking for tax returns and wanted to become all legally compliant. I was on the property investors Facebook page and I asked for some advice on who knew some good accountants and Andrew, (Marketing Manager at Modus Accountants), was one of the first ones who popped up saying come and try us. I’ve been happy ever since!”

What has Modus helped you with most?

“Definitely becoming tax efficient. They’ve helped me save a lot of money in that respect. They’re very experienced accountants.”

Have we met your expectations whilst you’ve been working with us?

“100% you’ve exceeded the expectations. The accountants are always on call, if I have any questions I can quickly pop an email to my accountant and ask to have a zoom call or a phone call and just discuss my situation. They really helped and guided me through the steps and its just amazing having that support there. Modus want you and your business to succeed, so they really give you sound advice.”

Have you worked with any other accountants and how does Modus compare?

“I actually haven’t worked with any other accountants in the past, luckily Modus was my first one. But, I have had friends who’ve had problems with accountants in the past and I’ve edged them on to join Modus.”

What would you say to anyone thinking of joining Modus?

“Go ahead and do it. They’re great value for money, they’re very experienced and they really want you to succeed. 100% without a doubt go for it, great accountants.”

Want to find out more about Damon and WiseAsh? Make sure you visit www.wiseash.co.uk or follow them on Instagram @wiseashltd


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