This month we sat down with our events specialist, Daniel Osullivan, Managing Director of Red Cactus Events and Team Building Experiences. Having worked with Daniel for the last couple of years we wanted to get his thoughts on his experience working with Modus, and how we have best supported him.

Describe your business and the services you offer

“At Red Cactus Events and Team Building Experiences we organise and run a range of virtual entertainment experiences for companies and teams. The events that we run include virtual quizzes, gameshows, and we also organise everything from virtual magic shows and virtual chocolate making for large and small companies.

How did you hear about Modus and what were you looking for?

“Mark invited me along to a Modus Lunch back in January 2020 and were informed allot more about what the Modus Group offered, and what Modus Accountants could do for our business.

At the time we were looking to start a new business and effectively we were looking for an accountant that could be entrepreneurial but also tick all the boxes from an accountancy services point of view. This along with many other factors that Modus brought along to the table was why we joined.”

What has Modus helped you with most?

Through the last twelve months it’s been a series of things. One of the things has been regular updates via email with very useful information, very timely, usually within 24-48hrs of a big update happening which meant that we were able to effectively read through in more liegemen’s terms what these changes actually meant for us.

The online support webinars that we attended as well during the early part of the pandemic were, really, really good to interact with our accountants. Allowing us to get support and their views on what was going on with the wider economy, and in regard to the other partners that they work with.

What has been you experience of working with Modus and have they met your expectations?

“To date it’s been nothing but positive, and I’ve received contact support regularly. They’ve ticked all boxes from the accountancy side of things. But one of the things that drew us toward Modus was the networking potential, and working alongside other entrepreneurial businesses which is what we inspire to be.”

How do Modus Accountants compare to other accountants?

“Compared to other accountants we’ve worked with, Modus is a relatively new Accountancy firm however, they’ve absolutely covered everything we’ve need from an accountancy point of view. One of the things that Modus stand out for more than other accountants is the entrepreneurial side of the business. I knew Mark before, and he is a great entrepreneur, and I knew that Modus was not just going to be an accountancy business, they also offer business coaching and other aspects that we will hopefully use in the future.”

What would you say to other entrepreneurs looking for an accountant?

“Modus is definitely a company to join if you are looking for an accountants. They offer everything you need and more.”

Find out more Red Cactus Events & Team Building Experiences Ltd – We love a virtual quiz and gameshow here at Modus Accountants. If you are looking for team building or entertainment for your team or business, you can find out more about Red Cactus Events or Team Building Experiences by visiting or Daniel and his team will be sure to look after you, and make sure you get the great experience you are looking for.

If like Daniel you are interested in what Modus Accountants can do for your business, you can book a free one-to-one strategy session with our team here. These completely free sessions are designed to unlock your business potential and ensure 2021 is a great year for your business. Get in touch with us today!

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