This week we sat down with, Modus Ignite Champion, and cinnamon bun making legend, James Talbot, Co-founder and Director of Witney’s Pobi Bakery. After a quick catch-up on his plans for 20201 we asked him to share how Modus has supported him through an intense six months of starting and running his business.

tDescribe your business and the services you offer

“Pobi is an artisan bakery based in Witney. We offer retail baked products and a wholesale service to different clients around Oxfordshire. We also have an online portal that we sell baked goods from.”

When did you first start working with Modus, what services were you looking for?

“We first started working with Modus when we started the company in October (2020). We initially were looking for basic accountancy services because we’d never ran a business before. It’s since developed to payroll support, VAT support, and anything else accounts.”

What has Modus Accountants helped you with the most?

“Modus have helped us immensely by taking the pressure of us in terms of the admin background. In particular not having to do background receipts checking has been a great time saver.

In addition, they’ve also helped to guide our business and get us to think about things you wouldn’t inherently know about when starting a business.”

What has been your experience of working with Modus, have they met your expectations?

“Working with Modus has been great to be honest. I work with four different individuals in the team to cover the different elements within the business and they’re all extremely friendly.

I have their names and numbers on speed dial should anything go wrong. There super-quick to respond and super thorough as well. Sometimes that can be slightly frustrating because it means I have to do more work. But, its better knowing we are getting it right and it’s been a great experience so far.”

What would you say to anyone thinking of joining Modus?

“I’d recommend Modus Accountants to anyone thinking of either joining Modus or switching accountancy firms. Modus, within a period of six months have taken us from two guys with an idea to a fully-fledged bakery with six employees, separate sites and VAT registration.

They have a full pipeline of products, so if you’re a sole trader who just wants their personal accounts doing, great but if you want the full works they can also do that to. I completely recommend Modus.”

What are your priorities over the next couple of months and is there anything you’d want to tell us about?

“In the next three months we’re looking for some stability. For the past six months we’ve been pushing as hard as possible (to get the business up and running) and it’s been great, but bringing on some new customers is a real focus now.

We also want to sure up the shop a little bit, and bring on some more part time staff. We’re really looking forward to inviting people in and growing the product range.”       

I doubt you need persuading to check-out Pobi Bakery, but if you haven’t yet please visit their website here, or nip in to pick up a fresh cinnamon bun when you are in Witney. James, Jake and the team are all fantastic, so be sure to support them as Lockdown eases, throughout 2021, and beyond.


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