Based in Oxfordshire, GEM DBI are a dedicated team specialising in home improvements and commercial renovations.

Over the past few years we’ve worked closely with Director, Ryan Lewis to overcome a number of challenges to see his business flourish. As one of our fastest growing clients, we wanted to talk to him about his experience working with the Modus Accountants team.

1) Can you describe your business and the services you offer?

“GEM DBI are a construction company that offer design, build and installations from the start of the project right the way through to handover. We like to get involved with the customers design stage early on and use our experience to mould what they’re looking to do, and bring their dreams to life.”

2) How has lockdown effected your business and what are you looking to do after lockdown?

“We’ve been lucky that it hasn’t affected us too much. The projects we have been working on over the past year have been on more of a commercial basis.

The only way it has affected us is our window installation and extension sides (of our business) have been quieter, as we haven’t been able to be in people’s houses. But as things are easing, and we’ve just started some extensions up again and will be pushing to grow that domestic sector this year.

(Recently) we’ve had a lot of enquiries, and of course I don’t expect all of them to come to light. But what I gather from speaking to people in the trade; is that people are looking to refresh the look of their homes post-lockdown, and hopefully we’ll be able to help with that.”

3) When did you first start working with Modus Accountants and what services were you looking for?

“I met Mark first through ‘Fore Business’ network group in March 2019. I bought the business in December 2018, having been a shareholder prior to that, but hadn’t really been involved with the last two Directors.

Mark was always there with friendly advice and I think it was the openness and the lack of pressure that drew me to work with Modus. I do a lot of network things and sometimes it is pushy, but with Mark it was a genuine person who sounded like they wanted to help me through a situation.

Having never been a Director before and didn’t really know where I was going or how I was going to sort it. (With Modus) there was no worry if I was going to pay, or a need to pay things up front, do this, do that, it was help first and we’ll sort the rest out afterwards. I don’t think there’s many businesses anymore that work like that.

I wouldn’t be here now without the support you guys have offered, and I genuinely believe that.”

4) What has Modus helped you with the most?

“Modus has helped us with working towards creating clarity. Then when I have big decisions to make, I have clear figures, information and records for me to base those decisions on. The biggest thing we’ve worked towards is putting an infrastructure in place to enable the business to be a family builder that offers great attention to detail, and a high-end service offering, but with the organisation and capability of a proper corporate business.”

5) Have you worked with other accountants in the past? How did we compare to other accountants?

“I worked with another accounting firm for nearly eight years. From that first meeting with Mark, we really realised how little support my previous accountants had offered me.

In my short time as a director, my biggest comparison is that with the other accountants, was I gave them my money monthly and I would see them at the end of the year. With Modus it’s the constant support (which is so different), and I feel like the team want to see us succeed as much as I do.

Rather than reactively waiting for my call, it’s a support network and there’s honesty within the group as well. You (Modus) use your experience that I haven’t got to notice holes in the business or where I need to restructure in order to make those growth patterns, it’s a proactive team effort.”

6) What would you say to anyone thinking of joining Modus?

“Sit down and have a chat with Mark or any member of the team and it will open your eyes to a different approach to accounting. I find it really hard to call you an accounting firm because it’s not just an accounting firm, it’s a support network.”

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