Business Spotlight - Dan Sager from Fab Biker PR - Recording

On the 6th October we sat down for another Modus Business Spotlight. This time we spoke with Dan Sager, founder of specialist Witney PR company Fab Biker PR.

Fab Biker PR has been providing PR development, distribution and support services since 1996. Their passion for motorcycling helps them to communicate the exciting benefits of new products & services in everyday language that resonates with riders, businesses and enthusiasts.

During this session we interviewed Dan about their experience of starting a business and the challenges he overcame and advice that he would give anyone thinking or who has started their own business. Check-out the recording.

In addtion to the video above, Dan kindly providied written answers to a couple of the questions we asked him below. Hopefully this wets your apitite, and encourages you to take the plunge yourself.

Dan’s biggest challenge and how he got past it

“Cash-flow – For the first six months I worked from home, my Dad decided he didn’t want to continue driving, so he gave me his old Nissan Micra automatic. I only spent money on things I really needed to do the job – a word-processor (we’re talking pre-Internet), a basic mobile phone and some properly designed business cards. And, most important of all, credit control. If people owe you money, don’t be afraid to ask for it. The bank won’t be afraid to ask you to pay off your overdraft!”

What Dan wanted to know before he started Fab Biker PR

“In hindsight, I should have had a much better plan, with clear targets for growth, a timeline to achieve them and potential clients to pitch to. Instead I relied on word of mouth, which meant I tended to be reactive, not proactive.”

The most important piece of advice Dan would give to a start-up business

“Stay focussed. Don’t get distracted by non-core money-spinners. Always remember opportunity cost.”

Hopefully, this has been useful, but if you feel like you need a little extra support or guidance please do pick up the phone and have a chat with our team. Call us on 01993 225030 or email

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