Modus Accountants Consultation Options

Call Option One

Sales call 

In this call we will discuss what are the best accountancy services for your business. At Modus Accountants, we work with a huge variety of clients. This call aims to get to know your business and we can advise services for you. Unfortunately, we will not offer tax advice on this call.

Book your sales call today and we can help you grow, build and find ways for you to start saving and making the most of your money.

Call Option Two

Tax Advice

Starting from £200 (Free for clients).

If you require urgent tax advice the Modus Accountants can certainly help you.

Upload your questions in advance below and during the call we can identify the best tax structure. Our calls are recorded and we can follow up with notes too if you wish.

All tax issues including CGT and IHT are optional, given the right advice structure.

Fill in your details below and we will be in contact within two working days.

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